Welcome to SPN Survivors!

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that engages and equips communities to strengthen mental health and prevent suicide among teens and young adults. Our vision is to see fewer young people in crisis so we reach out and START the conversation about how to build a foundation of quality mental health that provides the tools and resources to #TakeCareofYou – mind, body and spirit. We work with educators, parents, students and mental health professionals in local communities AND nationally at comic, pop culture and fandom themed events.

Did You Know . . .

20% of children have a mental health disorder and only 20% of those get the help they need

Did you know that 50% of all mental health disorders develop by the age of 14, when a young person is starting high school? And that 75% of all mental illness develops by the age of 24?

Mental health disorders do not discriminate and affect every school and every neighborhood across the country. The good news is that mental illness is a health disorder that IS treatable. Education and awareness are essential in early detection, seeking help and realizing “You are NOT alone!”

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, August 10 at 4pm at our NEW Office!
38099 Schoolcraft Rd, Suite 131
Come learn more about mental health at our table at this FREE event.
Sunday, September 19 at Greenmead Historical Village from 12-4pm Come learn about all the great organizations in our community!

#YouMatter! Week: Creating Ripples of Kindness Across our Communities because “You never know when a moment and few sincere words can have an impact on a life”. (Zig Ziglar)

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Classes and Seminars (in-person & online):
Coming soon! Topic: Building a Foundation That Supports a Healthy You!


We will be attending the following comic, pop culture and fandom themed events with either a table, booth or participation in a panel:

September 4-5, 2021 in Pittsburgh, PA
  • Dec 10-12, 2021 in Nashville, TN
  • Jan 28-30, 2022 in Plano, TX

Our planning team is working on more events for 2021. Check back soon for more information. 


Comfort Kits: Kids today face many challenges in their young lives, from depression and anxiety to poverty and domestic abuse, that without healthy coping skills, support, education and nurturing relationships, can leave them feeling alone and overwhelmed. Our Comfort Kits not only provide healthy ways to reduce the stress of the situation but also provide support and encouragement to Always Keep Fighting for better days ahead because #YouMatter!  Monetary donations are always welcome here on our website to support this program.


Amazon Smile: Support our mental health education programs through every Amazon order placed by starting at AmazonSmile and choosing SPN Survivors as your charitable organization.

Kroger: Support our Comfort Kit Program through your weekly grocery shopping by linking your Kroger Plus Card to our non-profit account #NY648. Enroll in the Kroger Community Rewards Program and start making a difference today!

Etsy Store: Our Battle Buddies make great gifts for friends and family of all ages and they are available to order every day from our Etsy store. Every Comfort Kit we donate includes one of our Battle Buddies and we have heard some amazing stories of how they are truly Helping People, Saving Lives: The Family Business!

eBay Auctions: When selling an item on eBay YOU, the seller, can choose to donate a percentage of the sale to charity and we are grateful for those who support us this way! We also host Anniversary Auctions and other auctions throughout the year that feature one of a kind items (sometimes autographed by Supernatural cast members) as well as t-shirts and healthy coping tools.

Book Sales: SPN Survivors is honored to receive a portion of all sales of the book There’ll Be Peace When You Are Done celebrating the legacy of the TV show, Supernatural!


Celebrating 5 Years!


Awareness Alley

The days and events listed below are opportunities for you to increase your awareness so you are better able to reach out and help others in your community.

June 1-30 ~ PTSD Awareness Month

June 26 ~ Out of the Darkness Virtual Overnight Walk Experience

June 27 ~ National PTSD Awareness Day 


Do You Know Me?

Jared - web

SPN Survivors is looking for the young Supernatural fan who attended ChiCon 2013 and asked Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles about suicide at the end of their panel. That moment forever changed our lives and an open letter has been written to her in hopes that she will contact us. If you know who this person is, please let her (or her family) know we would love to talk to her. Thank you!