2021 Awareness Calendar 

No act of kindness     Ralph Waldo Emerson3

The following days and events are opportunities for you to increase your awareness so you are better able to reach out and help others in your community, including yourself.

1 ~ Global Family Day (start the new year with a day for peace & sharing)
11 ~ International Thank-You Day
21 ~ National Hug Day
24 ~ National Compliment Day  (Way to go! You’re awesome!!)

14 ~ National Donor Day (if you can, share the gift of life by becoming an organ donor or donating blood)
17 ~ Random Acts of Kindness Day
20 ~ Love Your Pet Day

1 ~ Self-Injury Awareness Day
1-31 ~ Brain Injury Awareness Month (Theme: Change Your Mind)
1-31 ~ March for Hope (Theme: Let Your Light Shine) A month full of mental health education and awareness from SPN Survivors)
20 ~ International Day of Happiness (Theme: Happier Together)

1-30 ~ National Stress Awareness Month (10 ways to reduce stress & improve self-care)
7 ~ World Health Day
11 ~ National Pet Day
19-25 ~ National Volunteer Week (Theme: Give a little, 3rd week in April)
28 ~ National Superhero Day (Be a hero in someone’s life!)
28 ~ Pay It Forward Day

1-31 ~ Mental Health Awareness Month (check out 31 Tips to Boost Your Mental Health)
2-8 ~ Be Kind to Animals Week and National Pet Week (1st full week of May)
7 ~ National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day (1st full week of May)
2-8 ~ Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week

1-30 ~ PTSD Awareness Month (Post Tramatic Stress Disorder)
6 ~ National Cancer Survivors Day (1st Sunday in June)

14 ~ World Blood Donor Day (because every blood donor is a Hero!)
21 ~ Make Music Day  (music is the universal language that brings us all together)
26 ~ Out of the Darkness Virtual Overnight Walk Experience
27 ~ National PTSD Awareness Day

The perfect time to relax and practice self-care!

5 ~ International Friendship Day
12 ~ International Youth Day (ages 15-24, be a force for positive social change because #YouMatter!)
26 ~ National Dog Day  (check out all the health benefits of caring for a dog)

5 ~ International Day of Charity
9-15 ~ National Suicide Prevention Week (Mon thru Sun surrounding World Suicide Prevention Day)
10 ~ World Suicide Prevention Day
21 ~ International Day of Peace ~ World Gratitude Day
23-30 ~ #YouMatter! Week (SPN Survivors’ annual suicide prevention awareness event)
28 ~ #YouMatter! Day (Creating Ripples of Kindness Across Our Communities)

1-31 ~ Depression Awareness Month (check out WebMD Depression tv)
1-31 ~ Bullying Prevention Awareness Month
1-31 ~ National Domestic Violence Awareness Month
5 ~ World Smile Day (1st Friday in October)
3 – 9 ~ Mental Illness Awareness Week (1st full week of Oct)
3 ~ National Day without Stigma  (from Active Minds)
10 ~ World Mental Health Day
11 ~ National Depression Screening Day (take an online depression screening)
23 ~ Make A Difference Day (4th Saturday in October)
27 ~ SPN Survivors 7th Anniversary

1-30 ~ National Adoption Month (focus is on kids in foster care)
7 ~ Stress Awareness Day in the U.K. (1st Wed in Nov)
11 ~ Veterans Day
13 ~ World Kindness Day
14-18 ~ Anti-Bullying Week in the U.K.
21 ~ Children’s Grief Awareness Day (3rd Thursday in Nov)
21 ~ World Hello Day (46th annual day of personal communication)
23 ~ Survivors of Suicide Loss Day (the Saturday before Thanksgiving)
30 ~ Giving Tuesday (the Tuesday after Thanksgiving)

5 ~ International Volunteers Day