2020 Awareness Calendar 

No act of kindness     Ralph Waldo Emerson3

The following days and events are opportunities for you to #GetKind and increase your awareness so you are better able to reach out and help others in your community, including yourself.

1 ~ Global Family Day (start the new year with a day for peace & sharing)
11 ~ International Thank-You Day
21 ~ National Hug Day
24 ~ National Compliment Day  (Way to go! You’re awesome!!)

14 ~ National Donor Day (if you can, share the gift of life by becoming an organ donor or donating blood)
17 ~ Random Acts of Kindness Day
20 ~ Love Your Pet Day
22 ~ World Thinking Day (to appreciate the help and guidance of others, problem solve)

1 ~ Self-Injury Awareness Day
1-31 ~ Brain Injury Awareness Month (Theme: Change Your Mind)
1-31 ~ March for Hope (Theme: Let Your Light Shine) A month full of mental health education and awareness from SPN Survivors)
20 ~ International Day of Happiness (Theme: Happier Together)

1-30 ~ National Stress Awareness Month (10 ways to reduce stress & improve self-care)
7 ~ World Health Day
11 ~ National Pet Day
19-25 ~ National Volunteer Week (Theme: Give a little, 3rd week in April)
28 ~ National Superhero Day (Be a hero in someone’s life!)
28 ~ Pay It Forward Day

1-31 ~ Mental Health Awareness Month (check out 31 Tips to Boost Your Mental Health)
1-31 ~ National Military Appreciation Month
1-31 ~ American Stroke Awareness Month (know the signs F.A.S.T.)
1-7 ~ Be Kind to Animals Week and National Pet Week (1st full week of May)
10 ~ National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day (1st full week of May)
14-20 ~ Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week (starts the 2nd Monday in May)

1-30 ~ PTSD Awareness Month (Post Tramatic Stress Disorder)
2 ~ National Cancer Survivors Day (1st Sunday in June)
8-9 ~ Out of the Darkness Overnight Walk in San Francisco, CA
14 ~ World Blood Donor Day (because every blood donor is a Hero!)
22-23 ~ Out of the Darkness Overnight Walk in Boston, MA
21 ~ Make Music Day  (music is the universal language that brings us all together)
27 ~ National PTSD Awareness Day

The perfect time to relax and practice self-care!

5 ~ International Friendship Day
12 ~ International Youth Day (ages 15-24, be a force for positive social change because #YouMatter!)
26 ~ National Dog Day  (check out all the health benefits of caring for a dog)

5 ~ International Day of Charity
9-15 ~ National Suicide Prevention Week (Mon thru Sun surrounding World Suicide Prevention Day)
10 ~ World Suicide Prevention Day
21 ~ International Day of Peace ~ World Gratitude Day
23-30 ~ #YouMatter! Week (SPN Survivors’ annual suicide prevention awareness event)
28 ~ #YouMatter! Day (Creating Ripples of Kindness Across Our Communities)

1-31 ~ Depression Awareness Month (check out WebMD Depression tv)
1-31 ~ Bullying Prevention Awareness Month
1-31 ~ National Domestic Violence Awareness Month
5 ~ World Smile Day (1st Friday in October)
7 – 13 ~ Mental Illness Awareness Week (1st full week of Oct)
3 ~ National Day without Stigma  (from Active Minds)
10 ~ World Mental Health Day
11 ~ National Depression Screening Day (take an online depression screening)
27 ~ SPN Survivors 4th Anniversary
27 ~ Make A Difference Day (4th Saturday in October)
29 ~ World Stroke Day (know the signs F.A.S.T.)

1-30 ~ National Adoption Month (focus is on kids in foster care)
7 ~ Stress Awareness Day in the U.K. (1st Wed in Nov)
11 ~ Veterans Day
13 ~ World Kindness Day
14-18 ~ Anti-Bullying Week in the U.K.
21 ~ Children’s Grief Awareness Day (3rd Thursday in Nov)
21 ~ World Hello Day (46th annual day of personal communication)
23 ~ Survivors of Suicide Loss Day (the Saturday before Thanksgiving)

1 ~ World AIDS Day
3 ~ Giving Tuesday (the Tuesday after Thanksgiving)
5 ~ International Volunteers Day