Be Kind to Yourself
 #YouMatter! Day
  September 28th

Be Kind to Others
September 23-30

Join us in “Creating Ripples of Kindness Across our Communities” during Suicide Prevention Awareness Month by reaching out to those around you and reminding them through simple acts of kindness that they matter. “It’s amazing how kind words and actions can create a ripple effect and many others will benefit from the positive things you do and say.” (T.A. Garcia)  We encourage everyone to be THAT ripple effect and make a difference in your community because YOU have . . .
  • a voice to be heard
  • a kindness to be shared
  • a contribution to make
  • a gift that others need

These are the things that give YOU the ability to Make A Difference, today and everyday, because #YouMatter!

So grab your friends, your co-workers, your church group, youth group, sports team, local businesses and other community organizations and start planning NOW how you can make a difference in someone’s life, including your own, by “Creating Ripples of Kindness Across our Communities” during #YouMatterWeek September 23-30.

** you-matter-card     *** You Matter Manifesto

** In August 2014, the University of Southern California (USC) School of Social Work invited their students to participate in You Matter, a grassroots campaign designed to promote positive mental health by encouraging human connection through the use of You Matter Care Cards (pictured above). They also created a wonderful list showcasing “60 Ways to Show Someone You Care”. We encourage you to read through the list to find your inspiration of how you can “Create ripples of kindness across your community” and celebrate #YouMatterDay by reaching out and reminding those around you that they, in fact, matter to you and your community.

*** Angela Maiers is an educator, speaker, founder of Choose 2 Matter and the author of the You Matter Manifesto (pictured above). She passionately believes each and every one of us is a genius and the world needs our contribution. “Choose2Matter is a universal movement that challenges us to make “mattering” a way of life. When people accept they matter and know their actions count; learning, lives and worlds change. Are you in?”

We are! Please join us as we make “mattering” a way of life and continue our mission of Helping People, Saving Lives: The Family Business!

Be THAT ripple          Helping Others

Today and everyday . . . Always Keep Fighting for better days ahead because #YouMatter!