3 Reasons to Donate to SPN Survivors

1. Battle Buddies (Comfort Kit Program)

We have heard some amazing stories of how our Battle Buddies are truly helping others so we would like to find opportunities to give them to those who would greatly benefit from a personal Battle Buddy. If you would like to help us build our fund to deliver our Battle Buddies to those in need of encouragement (counseling offices, schools, hospitals), please donate today.

“I just spent a week in the hospital after a bout of severe depression. I had my husband bring me my battle buddy that I had bought at the SPN convention. It made a huge difference. I was able to share with the staff, Drs, and other clients about SPN Survivors and the battle buddies. Thank you for helping keep up the good work.”  – Doreen

2. Mental Wellness/Suicide Prevention Tables

1st vendor tableOne week after Jared Padalecki launched his Always Keep Fighting movement in March 2015, SPN Survivors had its first suicide prevention table at the Supernatural convention in Las Vegas. It was an emotional weekend filled with hugs, tears and support from the SPN Family as we had many heartfelt conversations with people of all ages. What we learned is that our presence gave people permission to talk about their experiences with suicide loss, depression, anxiety, self harm, suicide attempts and many other topics that are otherwise shrouded in stigma and shame. Our 8′ table space became an invaluable Safe Place where complete strangers became family and no longer felt alone and no longer felt judged.

PasCon 2015In 2015, we had tables in Las Vegas, Washington DC, Chicago and Pasadena, CA. In 2016, we returned to Las Vegas and Chicago as well as traveled to Pittsburgh and Minneapolis. We would like to provide a Safe Place in as many cities as possible (not just at SPN cons but community events too) and help as many people as we can improve their mental health and thus, their quality of life.

SPN Survivors is looking for sponsors to help us cover our vendor costs: table rental, literature/hand-outs and travel expenses.

3. You help yourself by helping others!

Helping Others
Helping others allows you to feel good about yourself. It improves your mood, helps you feel positive and makes you want to do it again. In a nut shell, being kind to others helps you be kind to yourself which further motivates you to be kind to others. It is a WIN – WIN!

No donation is too small and your support is greatly appreciated

Please let us know if your donation is

  • In memory of a loved one.
  • In honor of someone bravely fighting their battle.

Thank you!

Checks or money orders made payable to SPN Survivors can be mailed to:

SPN Survivors
P.O. Box 51426
Livonia, MI 48151

Helping People, Saving Lives: The Family Business!