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The Supernatural Family is full of heros. I’ve seen them in action countless times. Strangers reaching out to help someone who is struggling, and performing random acts of kindness, all in an effort to make someone’s day a little brighter and this world a better place.

We support each other because we are SPN Family. We helped Jared Padalecki remind everyone to #Always Keep Fighting no matter what their struggle by purchasing over 46,000 shirts in two weeks. We helped The Kings of Con, Richard Speight Jr and Rob Benedict, raise over $100,000 in just two days so they can continue to entertain us and keep us laughing more than 13 weekends a year.

Today, I challenge each and every one of you to be a hero and help save someone’s life by donating $5.00 (or more) to the short film, The Weirdo Hero, another SPN project that needs our help! If everyone donates RIGHT NOW this film will be funded within hours! – Great Article on the project

Weirdo Hero 2a     Weirdo Hero 1a

Ryan Curtis, VFX Coordinator, is directing. Jim Michaels, Executive Producer, plays a news anchor. Briana Buckmaster, Sheriff Donna Hanscum, plays a security guard. They just finished filming over the last three weekends and they need our help with funding post production and film festival submissions so that the message of this film can reach as many people as possible. The message is simple. “You are not alone! It is okay to ask for help. Do not be ashamed.”

Part of Jared’s message, in addition to #Always Keep Fighting, was that it is OK to ask for help and that you should be able to do so without being ashamed, without fear and without stigma. Let’s continue to bring these topics of mental health out of the darkness and into the light so each of us truly can #Always Keep Fighting!

Be A Hero! Donate Today!

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